Special to July 13, 2019 edition of Fallbrook Village News by Supervisor Jim Desmond  

Last week, I mentioned that we are going through budget deliberations for San Diego County. My job as 5th district supervisor is making sure that our communities receive the resources they need while maintaining a fiscally sound budget. I’m happy to report that in our proposed budget, Fallbrook will benefit greatly.

After meeting with groups within Fallbrook and hearing about ways to improve the community, we will be allocating money to two important projects. The proposed Fallbrook skatepark will receive $600,000 to start development. While a site for the skate park has not yet been identified, this is a project that many in Fallbrook have asked for and will bring opportunities for youth in the area.

Also, a project I’m very excited about in the proposed budget is $2 million for the Fallbrook Park. We heard from community members about the need for more parks in the area and this will be provided. It will be a 5-acre park that will include sport courts, soccer fields and a playground.

I will continue to keep you updated and look forward to receiving more great input from the community.

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