About Fallbrook Skate Park Inc.

fallbrook skatepark inc

The nonprofit organization, Fallbrook Skatepark Inc (FSI), was founded in 2003.  In July 2010 the board of Project Skate Safe, President Roger Harrell, Vice President Sean O’Callaghan and Secretary/Treasurer Michelle Albanna was voted in by the previous FSI board to take over the non-profit.  At that time, the organization was in a non-active status according to the State of California. By October 31, 2010, the new board was able to revive the entity to an active status once again

In an attempt to provide a safe place for kids to skate, FSI, as an active nonprofit,  ran a pay-for-play, members only skate spot in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of North County in their basketball court from November 1, 2010, to October 31, 2011.  Skate elements were built, insurance was paid, a monitor hired but it was not what the skate community desired:

  • Those over 18 years of age could not skate so parents could not skate with their children.
  • The park was open to members only through payment.
  • It was only open the hours of the Boys & Girls Club.

Our current FSI board  has devoted their time to obtain an open, free skate park for the community: 

  • President: Sean O’Callaghan
  • Vice President: Chuck McLaughlin
  • CFO/Secretary: Michelle Albanna
  • Members at Large: Todd Winegar and Kevin Spencer

Our achievements include:

  • A skatepark added to the 5 year CSA 81 project list in 2013 and is now the #1 project on the list.
  • The Avocado Bowl “skateable art” design gained the backing of the Fallbrook business community for its ability to represent the Avocado capital and differentiate itself from parks in other communities thus serving as a safe place to skate and a way to bring families into Fallbrook to utilize our commercial services (restaurants, gas stations, downtown shops).
  • Roger Harrell was approved by Supervisor Horn to the CSA 81 advisory committee on June 15, 2015.  When Roger moved to northern California at the end of 2015, Michelle Albanna was voted to the board in March 2016 and approved in June 2016.
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